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The Ohio Cannabis and Hemp Chamber of Commerce has been tireless in lobbying the Ohio Legislature and state regulators to legalize hemp and CBD. Co-founder Tim Johnson made frequent appearances at the Statehouse to meet with elected officials and testify about the benefits of hemp to Ohio’s citizens, our agricultural sector, and broader economy. Representatives Chamber have also been active in helping to promote the lucrative cash crop at hemp-related events statewide.

Moving forward, Ohio’s hemp growers, processors and retailers can rely on the Chamber to be their voice at the Statehouse as Ohio’s hemp regulations are written and implemented. Regulators have six months from the date of signing to write the rules under which hemp farmers will be licensed, and hemp processing will be governed.

You can also count on the Ohio Cannabis and Hemp Chamber of Commerce for news and information about the legal issues in the hemp industry, plus guidance on planting and harvesting; processing and packaging; marketing; insurance/banking and much more.

Why was hemp illegal in Ohio?

Hemp was removed from the federal government’s list of controlled substances in 2018. Unfortunately, Ohio’s medical marijuana legislation, signed in 2016, didn’t differentiate between hemp and its cousin marijuana (still a banned Schedule 1 substance at the federal level).

This slip of the legislative pen meant that hemp-derived, non-psychoactive Cannabidiol (CBD), though legal nearly everywhere else in the U.S. and abroad, was regulated like medical marijuana in Ohio.

The public outcry was intense when the Ohio Board of Pharmacy announced that the harmless CBD oil Ohioans were taking for insomnia, anxiety and pain management would thereafter be restricted to dispensaries (none of which were operational at the time.) Many retailers simply ignored the Board and kept selling CBD-infused products.

CBD and hemp are finally legalized with help from the Ohio Cannabis and Hemp Chamber of Commerce

Gov. Mike DeWine finally signed Ohio’s hemp legalization bill, Senate Bill 57, into law on July 30th, 2019 during a ceremony at the Ohio State Fair. The Ohio Cannabis and Hemp Chamber of Commerce was among the leading organizations, businesses and individuals that spoke on behalf of legalization to make hemp available to Ohio farmers, and ultimately, Ohio consumers and patients. The measure moves hemp-derived CBD off of Ohio’s controlled substances list and decriminalizes hemp farming and processing.

Support hemp in Ohio. Join the Chamber.

There is strength in numbers! Your Ohio Cannabis and Hemp Chamber of Commerce exists to advocate on behalf of Ohio’s medical marijuana patients, hemp and medical marijuana cultivators, processors, and retailers, and other businesses that supply goods and services to the hemp and marijuana industry in the Buckeye state. Click here to learn more about Business memberships.

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Ohio's Hemp Program

Learn more about Ohio’s hemp program on the Ohio Department of Agriculture’s website.