Member Code of Conduct

The Ohio cannabis industry’s legal existence and growth relies upon a positive perception among members of the public, patients, the medical profession, law enforcement, legislators and regulators. Therefore, upon acceptance as a Member, Ohio Cannabis Chamber of Commerce requires that Members to abide by this Code of Conduct in word and in action. We take these important principles so seriously that Members acknowledge when they join that a material violation of any of the provisions of this Code could constitute grounds for immediate removal from the Chamber.

Member Code of Conduct

Members agree to obtain and maintain all required state and local licenses and abide by the state and local laws and regulations that govern our operations.

As an important part of Ohio’s agricultural sector, Member companies pledge to operate in a non-polluting, environmentally friendly manner, abiding by local, state and national laws and regulations protecting clean air and clean water.

Understanding that each of us is an ambassador for our industry, we maintain a professional appearance when representing our organization or company, and conduct ourselves with dignity and professionalism.

We commit to advertising in a manner that reflects positively on the Cannabis industry and is in compliance with all truth-in-advertising standards.

We strive to educate ourselves, our employees, our customers and others in our industry about the most current scientific research that that may help us improve our products and our operations.

We work diligently to maintain safe and healthful working conditions and prevent workplace injuries.

We are committed to improving the professionalism of our employees through training and employee development.

Understanding that open and honest communications and the sharing of best practices are critical components in the early development of our industry, Members agree to respect the contributions of our peers and avoid conflicts of interest, predatory practices, and anti-competitive behavior.

We recognize the precarious nature of the existing laws and regulations and pledge to support political activity that advances the legitimization of the industry — both through support of the Ohio Cannabis Chamber of Commerce and through our own efforts.

We treat other Members with honesty, respect, integrity, and good faith.

Members agree to express opinions about other Members and the products they offer in a fashion that facilitates a collegial, professional, and productive atmosphere within the organization.

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